Use the column marked time to find out what kind of dragon is breeding. Use % - column if your breeding time is decreased.

Dragon Time 5% 10% 15% 
Paradise 10m 9m30s 9m 8m30s
Jungle, Fire, Flytrap 15m 14m15s 13m30s 12m45s
Wildfire, Paradise Variants 20m 19m 18m 17m
Jungle Variants, Fire Variants, Flytrap Variants, Lake 25m 23m45s 22m30s 21m15s
Water, Tropical 30m 28m30s 27m 25m30s
Lake Variants, Canopy 35m 33m15s 31m30s 29m45s
Tropical Variants, Imp, Mist 45m 42m45s 40m30s 38m15s
Water Variants, Air, Pitch, Fern 50m 47m30s 45m 42m30s
Canopy Variants, Fairy, Foxglow 55m 52m15s 49m30s 46m45s
Air/Fern/Imp/Mist/Venom/Cavern/Magma/ Variants, Earth, Underbush 1h





Grotto/Foxglow/Whirlpool/Fairy/ Variants, Desert, Badlands





Venom/Tropical/Whirlpool Variants, Murk, Dewdrop, Gossamer 2h 1h54m 1h48m 1h42m
Desert/Badlands/Grotto Variants, Methane, Canyon 2h30m 2h22m30s 2h15m 2h7m30s
Dewdrop Variants, Wink, Oasis, Glade 3h 2h51m 2h42m 2h33m
Canyon/Murk/Gossamer Variants, Soaring, Pit, Silent, Labyrinth 3h30m 3h19m30s 3h9m 2h58m30s
Methane/Wink Variants, Mineral 4h 3h48m 3h36m 3h24m
Oasis/Glade Variants, Tumbleweed 4h30m 4h16m30s 4h3m 3h49m30s
Pit/Silent Variants, Cliff
Soaring/Labyrinth Variants 5h30m 5h13m30s 4h57m 4h40m30s
Dune 6h 5h42m 5h24m 5h6m
Mineral Variants 6h30m 6h10m30s 5h51m 5h31m30s
Cliff/Tumbleweed Variants 7h 6h39m 6h18m 5h57m
Dune Variants 9h 8h33m 8h6m 7h39m
Fossil/Petroglyph 1d12h 1d10h12m 1d8h24m 1d6h36m
Rainbow/Plumed/Iris 2d 1d21h36m 1d19h12m 1d16h48m
Fossil Variants/Petroglyph Variants 2d6h 2d3h21m 2d42m 1d21h54m
Rainbow Variants/Plumed Variants/Iris Variants 3d 2d20h24m 2d16h48m 2d13h12m