All visitors on this site are able to get a headstart in the epic breeding for one specific dragon by following the instructions on the epic dragon page of their choice.

As a member of the guild Fairy Tale, you have the privilege to get a headstart on ALL the epics and receive the successful breeding combos for every epic 72h before publication. To take part of the offer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Recommend this site on one channel were you believe it will likely reach many DV-world players (forum/facebook group/original dragonvale users etc).
  2. Printscreen your one recommendation and email it to
  3. Mark your email with "Fairy Tale member" and your username.
  4. You will receive one email per epic dragon (Iris, Petroglyph, Plumed & Fossil)* with confirmed breeding combinations 72h before it's published on this site. We'll let you know in the guild chat when a headstart email has been sent, so every one who's taken part of the offer will know exactly when they receive successful breeding combos for all the epics on their email.

*As for the Rainbow, breeding instructions are already posted on the site.



No worries. You can still take part of the offer. We only allow regular users headstart on one epic but we'll make exceptions for users that put in effort to help us build our network. Write an email to and let us know what you've done to help users find the site. Best of luck!