Petroglyph Dragon

Successful Breeding Combos: Edit

Avaliable soon. Stay tuned!

Update: Currently trying very likely combo. It will be posted when confirmed.

Interested in knowing the successful breeding combo for petroglyph instantly when confirmed? Publication on the site will occur 72h after it's confirmation. In order to get ahead start and receive the successful combo 72h before it's published, follow these simple steps:

  1. Send a message* to your guild recommending this site & printscreen the message
  2. Email the printscreen to:
  3. Mark your email with your guilds name & "petroglyph breeding combo"
  4. You will receive the successul combo when confirmed, 72h before publication. Remember to check your email at least once a day after 2:00pm** (this is the time of the day that the "head start emails" will be sent).

*To avoid censur in message, write: www(dot)dvworld(dot)wikia(dot)com

**Time zone: UTC/GMT +01:00