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Breeding non-epic dragonsEdit

In order to breed the epics, we need specific non-epics to use the right combos. These non-epics are listed in the Epic Breeding Guide.

Use the guide to find a specific combo for breeding the dragon you want. If you don't already have the requested dragons, breed them by combining the elements of the requested dragon.

Ex. Breed Water-v-Paradise by combining Water + Paradise (or any other dragon with jungle + fire elements). Since the variant dragons are rare, using rare dragons to breed them has higher success rate.
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Sick of trying to get a specific variant dragon? The success rate is lower for rare dragons which means sometimes they take a lot of trying to get ahold of. If you have gems to spend, this is a great way of using them since you can buy specific variants with instant hatching in the market. Just select the dragon in the market, and click the variant element you wish to buy. Or, if you don't feel like spending gems, just keep on breeding.

Best of luck!